List of Energy Efficient Technologies

S.No. Name Of Technology About Technology Potential saving(%) Sector Investment (₹ Lakh) Annual Monetry Saving (₹ Lakh) Payback (Months) Equipment Capacity
1 Automation and Control System Automation and control system provides effective monitoring of process and utility for better resource utilization and loss reduction 5-15 % Cross-sectoral - Electrical 20-25 25-30 8-10 Not Applicable
1.1 Automation of Withering Troughs The automation of withering trough will ensure achieve optimum temperature and ensure effective control thereafter for proper withering of tea leaves 10-15% Cross-sectoral - Electrical 15-20 6-8 30-36 8 nos. of Enclosed Trough & 96 HP Motor
1.2 Combustion Control System for Boiler Combustion control system in boiler provides effective monitoring of flue gas parameters, their temperature and pressure for complete combustion 15-20% Cross-sectoral - Electrical 9-10 4-5 25-30 12 TPH
1.3 Energy Management System The EMS is effective in managing energy flow and consumption, reduce wastage and do necessary rectification in case of any fault 15-30% Cross-sectoral - Electrical 7-10 3-4 24-36 For 300 smart energy meters
2 Energy Efficient Turbo Blower Turbo blower is made of anodized aluminium impellers and air foil bearings. As a result it has low weight and high corrosion resistance bearings to provide excellent control over varying rpm 30-45% Cross-sectoral - Electrical 30-40 20-25 18-24 20,000 and 50,000 rpm
3 Gasifier for Electrical Application Gasifier gasifies coal or biomass to produce gas that can be used for power generation in gas genset or gas turbine 15-25% Cross-sectoral - Electrical 20-25 9-12 20-24 50 KW
4 Hanger Shot blast Machine Shot blasting systems offer you nearly unlimited options from deflashing, descaling, sanding and rust removal to roughening, matting, smoothing, edge rounding and shot peening. 30-40% Cross-sectoral - Electrical 18-20 8-10 24-30 500 Kg
5 IGBT based Induction furnace An induction furnace is a clean, energy-efficient furnace which provides well-controlled melting process, compared to conventional means of metal melting 20-30% Cross-sectoral - Electrical 20-25 15-20 15-18 750 KG
6 IGBT based temperature control Installing Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) based temperature controller for furnace ensures precise controlling of temperature. 10-15% Cross-sectoral - Electrical 18-20 5-6 38-40 50-60 KW Furnace
7 Infrared (IR) Heaters Use of IR Heaters results in uniform heating and reduces the baking time. Infrared heaters are extremely quiet and energy-efficient heating devices that produce a very gentle heat. 10-20% Cross-sectoral - Electrical 3.5-10 1.8-2.0 18-24 100 Kg-5 MT per hour
8 Light emitting diode (LED) Lighting Light emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source that emits light when current flows through it. These are energy-efficient lights with long life, durable, and offer better light quality than other types of lighting 35-50% Cross-sectoral - Electrical 13-15 30-35 3-5 connected load 625 kW
9 Micro Turbine Micro-turbines are tiny gas turbines that can generate both electricity and heat, and may vary in electrical output from around 25 kW to 250 kW 15-30% Cross-sectoral - Electrical 40-45 25-40 14-20 20 - 60 KW
10 Motors (IE3 or IE4 or IE5) EE motors are constructed with improved manufacturing techniques and superior materials, longer insulation and bearing lives, lower waste heat output, and less vibration, all of which increase efficiency and reliability 25-40% Cross-sectoral - Electrical 5-7 2-3 20-25 connected load 730 kW
11 Screw Compressor with Permanent Magnet (PM) motor Screw Compressor is driven by Permanent Motors and thus there is no rotor loss or transmission loss that results from rotor winding 15-20% Cross-sectoral - Electrical 6-7 3.5-4 18-24 20 HP; 92.5 CFM
12 Static Reactive Power Generator with Harmonics Filter In an electric power system, a load with a low power factor & Higher Harmonics draws more current and this results in higher current withdrawal and energy losses. The Static Reactive Power Generator, an IGBT based INVERTER, helps to compensate reactive power as well as selective harmonics (5th, 7th, 11th & 13th Order Only) created by the load and unbalance in the system. This helps to minimize losses 4-5% Cross-sectoral - Electrical 5 6 11-12 100 KVAr
13 Temperature controller for cooling tower fan This intervention increase the efficiency of electrical energy utilization in the cooling tower by automatic control of cooling tower fans, based on a feedback from the water temperature from the cooling circuit 10-25% Cross-sectoral - Electrical 0.2-0.3 0.2-0.3 12-15 Not applicable
14 Tri-generation Tri-generation technology provides thermal, cooling and electrical energy and it has higher efficiency compared to power generation and cogeneration plants 20-25% Cross-sectoral - Electrical 2500-3000 700-1000 36-40 Capacity: 2.75 MW, 20 TPH
15 Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) To control speed of various appliances like motors, pumps, compressor motors, ID fan, FD fan, hydraulic press, jet drying machine, Thermic Fluid Pump, Grinding Machine etc 30-40% Cross-sectoral - Electrical 2.5-3 3.5-4 8-10 connected load 430 kW
16 Variable Refrigerant flow (VRF) in HVAC Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems are an excellent choice for buildings that require both heating and cooling to coexist simultaneously. VRF systems have the ability to regulate the flow of refrigerant to various indoor units so that one location can stay cool while the other remains warm. 15-20% Cross-sectoral - Electrical 45-50 15-20 36-48 100 TR
17 Vertical Roller Mill (VRM) Vertical roller mill is a type of grinder used to grind materials into extremely fine powder for use in mineral dressing processes, paints, pyrotechnics, cements and ceramics. It is an energy efficient alternative for a ball mill. Typical Sector: Cement, Ceramics, limestone, etc. 6-10 KWH per MT raw material Cross-sectoral - Electrical 20-24 5-6 36-48 1 TPH
18 Energy Efficient Screw Compressor The screw compressors are the most efficient one to generate compressed air as well as less heat compared to normal air compressor 25-40% Cross-sectoral - Electrical 2.5-6.5 1.5 - 7.5 20-25 15 - 150 HP
19 Energy Efficient Pumps - 5 Star Rating Pumps EE pumps have optimum impeller design, thereby leading to optimum discharge flow and pressure and energy consumption 15-30% Cross-sectoral - Electrical 0.7-4.5 0.25 - 5 20-25 10 - 20 HP
20 Electrical Servo Drives The servo drive is quite efficient in smooth start and stoppage of machine having frequent load fluctuation, and helps reduce energy wastage as well as wear and tear of machine 20-30% Cross-sectoral - Electrical 10-15 10-20 10-12 200 KVA
21 Light Pipe Light Pipes are primarily used for illuminating deep interior spaces where there is poor daylighting provisions from doors /windows 15-20% Cross-sectoral - Electrical 5.00 2.27 26 25 nos. Light Pipe for 9 KW Lighting Load
22 AI&ML based IoT platform for Energy and Asset management A spouted bed combustor is a heterogeneous system where combustion takes place in the presence of circulating particles. This results into enhanced HP steam generation to rated capacity, due to increased bed coil depth and additional heating surface, efficient coal combustion & stoppage of PA fan and reduced DM water intake as well, followed by enhanced power generation. 15-20% Cross-sectoral 10-12 5-6 18-24 All types of buildings & industries
23 Cogeneration Cogeneration technology provides thermal and electrical energy both and it has higher efficiency compared to power generation plant 30-50% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 1000-1200 200-250 50-60 2 MW and 12 TPH extracted steam at 6.5 kg/cm2 and 245 C
24 Condensate recovery system in boiler/jet dying machine For applications with zero contamination, the condensate recovery system can be effectively used to conserve and reuse water in boiler 10-15% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 12-15 7-8 18-20 4 TPH
25 Electric Dry Vacuum Pumps Electric dry vacuum pumps do not require any fluid to generate vacuum compared to steam ejectors, thereby eliminating the contamination of process vapours and providing better solvent recovery 40-50% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 18-20 Dec-15 18-24 6 TPH Boiler
26 Energy Efficient Boilers Energy Efficient Boilers offer effective combustion of fuel with maximum utilization of energy 10-15% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 25-30 5-6 55-60 4 TPH
27 Energy efficient Refrigeration Compressor The refrigeration compressor of latest technology, having good automation and higher Coefficient of Performance (COP) must be used to save electrical energy during refrigeration cycle 10-15% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 3.5-5 2-3 18-24 60 HP
28 Gas fired Annealing furnace The gas-fired annealing furnace is essential to ensure high level of operational efficiency of the furnace w.r.t the electrical-fired furnace, due to high GCV of Gas w.r.t electricity 20-30% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 14-15 5-6 30-36 1000 MT
29 Ground & Water source Heat Pumps (GSHP) GSHPs use water-to-water or water-to-air approaches to treat this stable thermal environment as a heat source in the heating season and a heat sink in the cooling season 35-40% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 1-1.5 0.2-0.3 36-60 1 TR
30 Heat Pump A heat pump is a device that can heat a building/utility by transferring thermal energy from the outside using the refrigeration cycle 30-40% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 30-35 20-25 15-18 339 KW
31 Hot Air Generator from Briquette Briquette is locally available and commercially cheap alternative fuel compared to coal /wood, prepared by using agro waste, and can be used for low temperature application 20-30% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 50-55 35-40 18-20 10 Lac Kcal /Hr
32 Hot Water Generator The hot water generator is of natural draft system and doesn?t have FD and ID fans. They are the efficient and cost-effective way to generate hot water instantly 20-25% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 2.5-3.5 1.68 - 1.85 19-23 1000 - 80000 Kcal/hr
33 PUF insulation Polyurethane Foam (PUF) is the most effective thermal insulation material and having high strength to weight ratio at low temperature, are durable for years, with high mechanical strength 20-30% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 3.5 - 4.0 0.6-0.7 60-72 100 sq.m surface of 120 mm thickness
34 DeSuperheater for Chiller Compressors A desuperheater recovers the heat from the super-heated refrigerant gas at the compressor outlet 10-15% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 4-5 1-2 30-36 41 KW Compressor
35 Steam operated pumping traps Steam operated pumping traps are operated on steam and is used for condensate evacuation under all operating conditions, thereby enabling high system uptime and enhanced productivity. 3-5% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 1.51 1.54 12 2 TPH Boiler
36 Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) Evaporator A spouted bed combustor is a heterogeneous system where combustion takes place in the presence of circulating particles. This results into enhanced HP steam generation to rated capacity, due to increased bed coil depth and additional heating surface, efficient coal combustion & stoppage of PA fan and reduced DM water intake as well, followed by enhanced power generation. 20-25% Cross-sectoral 60-80 40-60 18-24 5000 LPH
37 Back Pressure Turbine A spouted bed combustor is a heterogeneous system where combustion takes place in the presence of circulating particles. This results into enhanced HP steam generation to rated capacity, due to increased bed coil depth and additional heating surface, efficient coal combustion & stoppage of PA fan and reduced DM water intake as well, followed by enhanced power generation. 15-30% Cross sector 55-70 55-90 7-12 200 - 250 TPD Plant
Thermal - Waste Heat Recovery (Low Temperature)
38 Heat Exchanger A heat exchanger is a system used to transfer heat between a source and a working fluid. 10-15% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 4-4.5 8-8.5 6-12 7000 Kg/h
39 Hot water generation from cement kiln The waste heat, which otherwise would escape in atmosphere may be recovered using appropriate heat exchanger to pre-heat water for use in utility or process 20-25% Cement - Thermal 100-125 30-40 30-36 3000 TPD kiln 60 TR VAM system
40 Low-Grade Waste Heat Recovery System (LGWHRS) Waste heat even below 100 C is recovered by LGWHRS and can be used in the low temperature applications. These heat exchangers are specially designed for low-grade waste heat recovery. 10-15% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 10-15 5-7 30-36 24-36 TPH
41 Thermo Compression Utilization of waste flash steam in chiller and process usage 20-25% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 150-200 70-80 24-30 3000TR
Thermal - Waste Heat Recovery (Medium Temperature)
42 Air Pre Heater & Drying Bed in furnace Use of waste flue gas to pre-heat the material and save fuel 18-20% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 5-5.5 5.5-6 12-14 1.5 TPH
43 Economiser in boiler/Thermic Fluid Heater The use is Economizer is highly recommended to save fuel in thermal application by use of high heat content in flue gas to pre-heat water, which can then be used in utility or process application 10-15% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 3-3.5 4-4.25 6-8 4 TPH
44 Gas-fired Reheating Furnace with WHR System A fully automated system ensures better control on temperature of metals in rolling mills, with efficient combustion owing to the use of gas as fuel. In addition, the WHR system will save substantial energy by preheating the metal to the extent possible before reheating 15-45% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 19-21 16 - 28 9-14 2 - 12 TPH
45 Waste Heat Recovery Boiler WHR Boiler is a system which recovers various kinds of waste heat generated from the production process of steel, chemical, cement etc and convert such recovered heat into useful and effective thermal energy 10-15% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 3.5-4 3-3.5 12-15 4 TPH
46 Waste Heat Recovery System for Coke Drying Quenching (CDQ) Smelting furnace generates flue gas at high temperature. This flue gas temperature is utilized to heat the atmospheric air that is utilized for coke drying 20-25% Cement - Thermal 300-350 200-250 18-24 7 TPH Coke Drying from 15% - 2% W/W
47 Waste Heat Recovery for power generation The WHR process is a fuel conservation measure where the heat from waste stream of gases is recovered to generate steam which in turn is used to drive turbine and generate power, instead of using conventional process of burning fuel 10-15% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 900-1100 230 54-60 1 MW
Thermal - Waste Heat Recovery (High Temperature)
48 Recuperators A recuperator is used to recover the waste heat, usually from the exhaust flue gas generated from furnace and use it to preheat the combustion air, thereby ensuring fuel saving and process efficiency 20-25% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 4.5-5 3.5-4 12-14 3 MT
49 Recuperative burner for heat recovery for high medium temperature furnaces A recuperative burner is the one where recuperator is the integral part of the burner, and the waste heat is recovered to pre-heat the combustion air, thereby ensuring substantial energy saving 25-30% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 200-225 200-225 12-15 15TPH rolling mill
50 Regenerative burners for high temperature furnaces In regenerative temperature can go to 1000 degC, resulting huge energy savings and improved furnace productivity. Applicable only for gas fired furnaces 15-20% Cross-sectoral - Thermal 20-30 20-30 12-15 One unit burner for 110 TPH furnace
51 Alternative Fuels & Raw Material (AFR) Utilization Utilize Alternative Fuels such as PTA Sludge, Syngenta Waste, Pines leaves etc, Municipal Solid Waste for thermal energy generation Thermal Substitution rate of 5-10% Cement 8000-10000 1600-2000 60-72 3.1 MTPA
52 Adiabatic Pre-reformer Adiabatic pre-reforming is a well-established process in modern syngas production and implies both economic and operational benefits. The adiabatic prereformer converts hydrocarbon feed-stocks by steam reforming reactions in the low temperature range, 350?550?C 4-10% Fertilizer 1500-1600 600-900 20-30 2000 TPD
53 BEE 5 Star Rated AC Replacement of Conventional Split/Window AC with 5-star AC having higher COP or EER /ISEER 20-45% Building 0.40-0.50 0.18-0.20 24-30 connected load 57 kW
54 Bleached Chemi Thermo Mechanical Pulp (BCTMP) It is an advanced technology for the production of high-quality chemi-mechanical pulps from hardwoods and annual plants, which is very reliable and achieves highest pulp quality at minimum operating cost and lowest environmental impact. 15-20% Pulp & Paper 40000-45000 10000-12000 48-50 1 Lac TPA BCTMP
55 Cascaded Condensate Recovery System Installing cascaded condensate recovery system increases condensate recovery up to 90% 5-7% Pulp & Paper 08-Oct 30-35 03-May Not applicable
56 CNC Machine (Special Purpose Machine) CNC machine helps enhance productivity and lower Specific Energy consumption as one machine take care of all cutting, boring, drilling, milling, grinding operations, etc. 30-35% Machine Tool 35-40 25-30 17-20 400 KN
56.1 CNC Bending Machine As above 32% Machine Tool 36.35 26.07 17 400 KN
56.2 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine As above 25% Machine Tool 225.00 72.27 38 NA
56.3 CNC Grinding Machine As above 23% Machine Tool 45.61 33.73 16 NA
56.4 CNC Horizontal M/c Centre As above 30% Machine Tool 151.00 67.73 27 NA
56.5 CNC Lathe Machine As above 30% Machine Tool 40.80 14.88 33 NA
56.6 CNC Milling M/C As above 30% Machine Tool 73.41 28.86 31 NA
56.7 CNC Turn ?Mill Centre As above 25% Machine Tool 50.48 17.62 35 NA
56.8 CNC Turret Punch Machine As above 41% Machine Tool 88.66 51.27 21 20 TON
56.9 CNC Wire Cut Machine As above 35% Machine Tool 61.00 26.07 28 NA
57 Divided blast cupola For replacement of conventional cold blast cupola for better melting of metals, generated less pollution and saves coal as well 20-25% Foundry 6-8 3-4.5 20-24 2 MT/Batch
58 Electrical Annealing Bogie Furnaces The energy cost in electrical annealing furnaces is low comparatively with wood fired furnaces due to more efficiency of electrical heating, less manpower cost and low energy cost. Further, this also ensures maintain uniform temperature throughout the furnace 25-30% Brass & Aluminium 8-10 4-5 22-24 60 kW
59 Energy Efficient Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) Fan BLDC fans consumes lower energy compared to conventional fans, having high reliability and life expectations as well 35-50% Building 4-6 1-2 24-36 connected load 243 kW
60 Energy efficient cyclone Energy efficient cyclone has 97.5% efficiency and it can be installed at the last stage in Pre-heater 1.03 KWH & 7000 KCal/MT of Clinker Cement 600-650 200-220 36-40 105 TPH
61 Energy efficient gas fired pot furnace It has several pots or crucibles in which different small batches of glass can be melted 30-35% Glass 10-15 10-15 10-12 10-12 pots, each of 500-550 Kg capacity
62 Energy efficient impeller Energy efficient Impeller 84% efficiency. The can improve the performance of Fans installed in industries 1.08 KWH/MT Clinker Cement 100-120 42-45 24-30 250 Ton of Clinker
63 Energy Efficient Modulating Burner These burners are provided with variable air/fuel ratio leading to better heat generation and drying of leaves, thereby producing good quality tea 10-15 % Tea Processing 5-7 8-10 9-12 Dryer 1 @450 kg/h; Dryer 2@250kg/h.
64 Energy Efficient Tank furnace Tank Furnaces are primarily used in glass industry where continuous flow of glass is needed to feed automatic glass forming machines. 15-20% Glass 400-450 200-300 24-30 25-40 TPD
65 Energy Efficient technology for ECBC/Eco-niwas Samhita The efficient building envelope helps prevent heat loss /gain between inside space of building and outside atmosphere, thereby ensuring more comfort, maintain appropriate building temperate and also reduce heating /cooling load, thereby saving electrical energy to a great extent. 15-25% Building 220-240 230-250 10-12 connected load 15000 kW
66 Energy Efficient Tray Dryer The Tray drying is a batch process used to dry materials that are liquid or wet cake, and works well for material that requires more gentle processing or cannot be atomized in an air stream due to viscosity. 15-20% Chemical 10-12 6-8 15-20 400 Trays
67 Exhaust humidity measurement & control system To control outlet moisture of Fabric on stenter and control blower motor speed and power consumption as well 5-15% Textile 2-2.5 1-1.25 24-30 1 unit
68 Fabricated Water Ring Vacuum Pumps Fabricated water ring vacuum pumps have precise design, reduced dead weight and reduced wear and tear compared to conventional cast iron water ring vacuum pumps 30-40% Pulp & Paper 50-55 45-47 18-24 230 GSM duplex paper with 2.62 TPH capacity
69 Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Fan in Withering Units The Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is light in weight compared to metallic blade and can resist any weather situation and withstand corrosion, waterborne bacteria, and organisms. 10 - 15 % Tea Processing 8-10 12-15 6-8 31 troughs, 39 nos. fans
70 Fluidised Bed dryer system The Fluidised dryer system will ensure better quality tea by ensuring effective drying of tea leaves 10-15% Tea Processing 15-20 7-10 24-30 500-700 Kg/hr
71 Forging Furnace The energy efficient forging furnace provides effective heat for the heating and reheating of large steel ingots, blooms and cast parts, with better temperature control and reduced skin losses from outer surface of chamber 15-20% Forging 20-25 20-25 10-12 250 KW
72 Gas Engine based co-generation technology A Cogeneration is a system having gas engine produces heat and electricity simultaneously in a single plant, powered by gaseous fuel having better combustion and less ash generation, thereby guaranteeing a better energy yield 30-40% Ceramics 800-1000 320-350 30-35 2.72 MW
73 Gas fired hot air generator system For replacement of conventional wood fired hot air generator system with better combustion control and less emission 20-25% Chemical 4-5 3.5-5 10-12 120000 Kcal/hr
74 Gasifier For Kilns The Gasifier is a cheaper energy source having better yield compared to conventional fuel for combustion in kilns 30-35% Limestone 55-65 24-30 28-32 30 TPD
75 Gasifier for Melting And Reheating Process Rice husk works as renewable source of energy. Hence use of rice husk reduced cost of production and waste utilization as well 20-25% Brass & Aluminium 40-45 25-30 18-24 500 KG
76 Hi-Consistency Pulper Hi-consistency pulper requires lesser amount of water compared to low consistency pulper. 10-15% Pulp & Paper 45-50 15-17 36-40 130 kW
77 High Efficiency Refiner Refiners are used for mechanical pulping (TMP refiners) and the post-refining of GWP (Ground wood Pulp) mills. Energy efficient refiners can reduce no-load power caused by motor, pumping, and friction losses. 7-20% Pulp & Paper 480-500 450-500 Dec-15 300 TPD
78 High Pressure Moulding Line in Moulding Area High pressure moulding line has advantages such as continuous mould preparation, fast pattern changing time, fully automatic machine and it does not require mould transportation, storage and maintenance which can reduce manpower 50-60% Foundry 150-175 26-30 60-72 2500 kg
79 Hot Charging of Billets Hot charging of billets can serve as an energy efficient alternative for this process in which the steel is melted at slightly higher temperature of 1650?C and then the molten steel is fed into CCM where the temperature of the billet (1150?C) at the output is controlled by PLC, which is directly sent to the rolling bay, thereby eliminating the need of re-heating. 100% - Complete elimination of re-heating Iron & Steel 150-200 300-350 06-Aug 1 Lacs TPA
80 Hydraulic Hammer Hydraulic hammers are 30-40% energy efficient than pneumatic hammers. Operation of the hydraulic hammers are very smooth and noise free as compared with pneumatic hammers. 30-40% Forging 150-170 50-70 46-50 10 ton
81 Induction Billet Heater For replacement of Oil Fired Furnaces with having better control on temperature and energy saving as well 20-25% Forging 38-42 37-42 10-12 3-4 ton capacity oil-fired furnace
82 Latest Generation High Efficiency Clinker Cooler It offers significant potential for electrical and thermal energy saving; The total heat loss of latest generation clinker is less than 100 Kcal /Kg Clinker compared to conventional cooler where heat loss is more that 120-150 kCal /Kg Clinker 15-20% Cement 1800-2000 400-500 48-60 3000 TPD Clinker
83 Liquid Ring Compressor This Liquid Ring Compressor will function as flare gas recovery system (FGRS) to recover the flare gas and sending it to Delayed Cooker Unit (DCU) wet gas compressor suction, which will further be directed to Fuel gas header to use it as fuel gas in refinery fired heaters. This has also avoided the requirement of dedicated FGRS. 10-15% Refineries 500-600 800-900 6-8 8.5 MT per day fuel oil equivalent
84 Louisiana State University (LSU) Port Dryer This technology ensured uniformly dried product and can be used for different types of grains as well 25-40% Food Processing 30-35 16-20 22-25 24 MT
85 Low Consistency Refining (LCR) The refining of pulp prior to papermaking process is one of the most energy intensive and involves the alteration of cell structure of pulp fibers by imparting mechanical action. Low consistency refining can optimize the current refining process to enhance the productivity and save significant amount of energy and chemicals. 20-30% Pulp & Paper 15-20 22-25 08-Oct 200 TPD
86 Low Thermal Mass cars in Tunnel Kiln The reduction in weight of kiln cars in Tunnel kilns provides significant amount of energy saving and improved material to car weight ratio 10-13% Glass & Ceramic 0.55 per car 2.5-3 2-3 1130 Kg per car
87 Medium frequency Induction Furnace The medium frequency induction heating furnace adopts the basic principle of induction heating. It is a high-tech product replacing the traditional oxygen, oven and salt slag furnace. It can save energy, save time, fast and improve the quality of the product 10-15% Iron & Steel 30-35 13-15 24-30 250 KW
88 Membrane Filter Press For replacement of conventional Filter Press with better drying of sludge 30-40% Chemical 40-45 15-20 30-35 60 Plates
89 Natural Gas fired Boiler Replacement of conventional Coal /Wood fired boiler with NG fired Boiler 20-30% Foundry 06-Aug 2-2.5 36-40 300 kg/hr
90 Nutsche Filtration and Drying Process ANFD is used for active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) filtration. It is a combination of slurry filtration, product washing, and vacuum drying processes into a single unit. 10-20% Pharmaceutical 25-30 20-25 15-18 3 KL
91 Oxyfuel Burner To increase the oxygen content, the induction furnaces are used with oxyfuel burners along with standard burners which also reduces the content of nitrogen from the air. This improves the efficiency of combustion process 30-40% Pulp & Paper 300-325 45-50 72-84 200 TPD
92 Palletisation plant - Sponge Iron The palletisation ensures agglomeration of fine iron ores which is easy to handle in blast furnace or EAF 10-15% Sponge Iron 4000-5000 800-1000 48-60 0.3 MTPA
93 Pocket Ventilation System Pocket Ventilators improve the drying rate, moisture profile and production for paper machines. The ventilators prevent sweating, corrosion and fibre build up. 5-15% Pulp & Paper 30-35 75-80 05-Jul Not applicable
94 Radiant Cooling Radiant cooling is a hydronic system that circulates chilled water through PEX pipes embedded in the floor or ceiling, or through copper pipes embedded in ceiling panels. Water passing through these pipes first cools the floor/ceiling surface, which then cools the enclosed space through radiation. 30-50% Building 1.2-1.5 0.3.-0.4 36-48 1 TR
95 Rapier or Auto Loom For replacement of conventional Power Loom thereby ensuring enhanced productivity and production, reduced energy and manpower cost 15-20% Textile 50-52 25-30 24-30 220 rpm
96 Recovery of BOF gas and sensible heat in Basic Oxygen Furnace The gas produced in the BOF has a temperature of approximately 1200?C and a flow rate of approximately 50-100 Nm3/t-steel. The gas contains approximately 70-80% CO when leaving the BOF and has a heating value of approximately 8.8 MJ/Nm3 (NEDO, 2008) or 0.84GJ/t-steel 3-5% Iron & Steel 3753.3 1003.8 45 30-400 MT
97 Replacement of steam turbine drive with high speed motor drive Replacement of steam turbine drive with high speed motor drive will result in saving of steam and extra power generation 15000 Ton of NG per year Refineries 22500-25000 7500-8000 48-50 7.5 MW High Speed Motor
98 Screw Washer For replacement of twin drum washing system with high efficient screw washer to save energy 10-15% Paper 45-50 18-20 24-30 20000-22000 TPA
99 Shoe Press Shoe press technology is a papermaking procedure that uses a large concave shoe instead of one of the conventional rotating cylinders; this extends dwell time, thus improving mechanical de-watering compared to that of conventional roll presses 20-30% Pulp & Paper 8000-9000 300-350 30-36 Paper machine of 5 m