Financial Institution Registration

Basic Detail
Nodal Officer Detail
Bank/NBFC/Public Financial Institution Other Detail
(Note: Minimum of 5 years in operation for Bank/NBFC/Public Financial Institution post registration with RBI)
(Note: Loan Sanctioned in last two financial year should be more than Rs. 100 crore.)
(Note: Loan disbursement in last two financial year should be more than Rs. 50 crore)
(Note: These data can be verified from the Balance Sheet only. Hence, FIs need to submit Balance Sheet for last year)
(List of preferable Energy efficient/ renewable energy projects financed till date not more than 10 recent projects)
Authorization letter & Declartion
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  • I hereby declare that our financial institution meets the minimum eligibility criteria for registration.

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  • I am fully authorized by competent authority to submit registration form to BEE's Facilitation Centre on behalf of Bank/ NBFC/ Public Financial Institution. I hereby take the sole responsibility for the correctness of information provided above. I also confirm that the Bank/ NBFC/ Public Financial Institution is not insolvent or filed for bankruptcy.
  • We further undertake that we are not blacklisted by any, Central Government, State Government, Reserve Bank of India or any other Public Sector Undertaking or a Corporation or any other Autonomous Organization of Central or State Government in India or abroad and our blacklisting does not subsist as on due date of submission of the registration form for BEE's Facilitation Centre.